Italy Part 2: Praiano

Praiano, Italy is definitely a hidden gem and on my list of go-to's and places to stay while traveling the Amalfi Coast.  Originally, when planning this trip, I only wanted to see and stay in Positano, because it was all I was seeing on Pinterest, Trip Advisor, and on social media accounts.  We had 2 nights and 3 days to spend on the Amalfi, and I thought Positano was all we had time for... clearly I was and am soooooo wrong.  Positano is freaking awesome... and I'll have pictures and a write up on it next!  So when researching for an Bread and Breakfast nothing really caught my attention.  I was looking for something specific; ocean view, small and quaint, affordable, clean, and a bit private.  While scrolling through Airbnb for the 100th time I saw a listing for a Villa that met my criteria.  I noticed it was in Praiano - okay, but where is Praiano?  It's about a 20 minute bus ride away from Positano!  I figured... sure.  If it's that close to Positano, the place I really wanted to go to, then we might as well venture out a bit and stay somewhere else we hadn't been and kill two birds with one stone.  Yes - there are lots of places to stay in Positano, but they are all really expensive and we were going to splurge in Capri - so I had to look elsewhere.  Done - and - booked!  You can read more about Villa il Frantoio on Trip Advisor or on the Airbnb link below!

All these towns on the Amalfi coast, if you aren't as traveled as I and didn't know, are situated on the side of cliffs.  These little towns are built from the top of where the public road starts all the way down to sea level.  Yes there are roads - like one road that only goes down to the main square and back up to the highway, but that's it!  To get to and from the ocean... and the place you are staying,  you have to hike it up and down all those stairs!  Praiano is not for the physically weak!  There was a warning at the Villa we stayed at that said - if you aren't able to walk up and down hundreds of stairs with your bags - then it wasn't the place for you.  If you're thinking what about the children and elderly... how do they walk up and down these stairs everyday?  Welp - they do and have been since they were more or less born.  Many places in Europe are like this - we Americans would cry and scream if we had to walk up and down hundreds and thousands of stairs everyday.  It's always nice to see how other people live their daily lives.  The advantage though, is privacy (less touristy), it's quiet, the views are AMAZING, the people are nice and welcoming, and the beaches were unbeatable.  If you're like me and from an island - you know what I mean when we don't like hundred's of people at the same beach you're at.  Praiano is hidden and kind of a local spot - and we totally crashed it. =)  
If traveling with limited time and a strict schedule - this is a great place to stay.  You're close to Positano (major tourist destination), it's beautiful and quiet. and most importantly it's not too far in and it's fairly easy to get back to Sorrento and on a train back to wherever it is you are going.  The trains stop at Sorrento!  Everything past it is all on your own - taxi, bus, rent a car, or private chauffeur.  The entire Amalfi Coast is one road with two lanes!  Again - if you're from an island or the North Shore of O'ahu like I am - you know what I'm talking about.  1 road with only 2 lanes means one thing and one things only... when it's tourist season there's death TRAFFIC!  You can be sitting in 3 hours of traffic when without traffic it's supposed to take 30 mins!  I don't know about you, but when traveling so far away from home with limited time, you don't want to waste 6 hours sitting in traffic.  We had our Villa arrange a private Taxi to pick us up in Sorrento and take us to Praiano.  Way less stress - and they know exactly where they are going!  

We got in the water - duh - and did probably one of the best things you could do on the Amalfi Coast!  Check back for more!



*Clothes by Matt Bruening Label and Salt Liko.