Italy Part 3: Positano

Positano!  My Pinterest dreams came true!  I had been pinning pictures of Positano for some time before we booked our trip and to see it in person was like that feeling I had when I went to Disneyland for the first time at age 10.  Hahaha.  All the pictures I had seen and blogs I had read about this fantasy of a place made my eyes light up and basically... when we got off the bus.. I ran all the way to the bottom with my hands up in the air like a child (except to stop more than a handful of times for photo op's). =)

Positano's iconic icecream colored buildings scale down a small mountainside all the way to the sea.  With many towns on the Amalfi coast, you wonder how the layout of these small towns were built?!  There's one main road where cars can come in and out of, but it's small slow moving.  Everything else are pedestrian walkways and stairs just like all the other towns on the Amalfi.  As much as I day dreamed about this place and all the things we would do - it's hard to hit all the good eatery's and gelateria's in one day and soak up the sun while exploring the cliffside!  So we took it all in and decided that what we really wanted to do was rent beach chairs and umbrellas and lounge, get tan, and swim.  If you're from a tourist destination like Hawaii then it was kind of like our turn on Waikiki Beach =)  

The umbrella chairs were amazing.  We lounged and when it got too hot we jumped in the cool ocean.  Leisure and luxury at it's finest.  We walked up and down the beach collecting little pieces of Italian beach glass, played with my GoPro... and did that on repeat.  I almost forgot what life without kids was like.  Don't get me wrong - we missed our 2 munchkins like crazy, but we definitely took advantage of this alone time together doing what we wanted to do when we wanted.

After a few hours we rinsed off grabbed a bite to eat and did a little more exploring while still in awe of the raw beauty of Positano.